Monthly Archives: April 2011

New from Steven Alan

Just the things to brighten this dreary week! (Hang in there, everyone…)

Rookie dress, $245:

Sophia dress, $275:

Erin shorts, $175:

Shoes for Dudes!

Dudes of the world, we are very pleased to announce that we are now carrying footwear for YOU! We have two lovely options coming to us from Filippa K. We’ve only got one in each size so come down soon to grab yours.

Nubuck mid lace in mud, $249:

Summer sneaker low in eclipse, $119:

Window display by Fieldguided

Well, this is pretty exciting! Thanks to our pals, Anabela and Geoff, we have a beautiful new window display showcasing all things Spring. We’re in love with everything they’ve done and we hope you like it too! Make sure to come by and check it out as it showcases some of our favourite Spring accessories. And if the windows are making you feel cheerful, just wait until you see what we’ve got for you in the store!

Check out more photos and details about the window display over on Anabela’s blog.

New from Dace & Erin Templeton

It was even more of a west coast week than usual around here, with new arrivals from Vancouver favourites Dace and Erin Templeton. We have a few other bag styles that aren’t pictured here – hope to have more images soon!

Jessamine sweater, $230:

Fern top, $159:

Wheat dress, $250:

Tomboy limited edition canvas bag, $75 (we also have this style in cinnamon elk leather, $385):

City mama bag, $395:

Easter weekend hours

Good Friday: 12-7
Saturday: 12-7
Easter Sunday: 12-5
Monday: closed

Photo by brookem_danno.

New from Minimarket.

Hey you guys, we just put some new Minimarket out on the floor! Adorable pieces from their Mini for Many line including sunglasses! Come in and check it out, won’t you?

Dress Eiffel, $160:

Dress Rio jersey, $125:

Jumpsuit Tokyo (we have this in white with a small camera pattern allover), $165:

Top city jersey,  $75:

Tokyo sunglasses (we have blue/black striped pairs too!), $90:


We made it, you guys – TWO YEARS! And we want to thank you for getting us here with a weekend SALE: from Friday April 15th to Sunday April 17th, everything in the store is 20% OFF! If you haven’t been in recently this is the perfect time… just scroll down to get a preview of all the great Spring stuff now in the shop.

Thanks for all your support and see you this weekend!

New from F-Troupe

Gigantic photo alert!

Jessica Ogden X F-Troupe wrap sandals, $225:

Clog sandals, $225:

Mesh & suede oxfords, $185:


Yep, this season we’ve taken the plunge (ba-dum-bum) and added SWIMWEAR to the racks! Mostly for the ladies, though there’s one sweet pair of trunks for you dudes too.

Lover lace knit underwire top & 50s trunk, $264:

Lover 70s peephole tube & pant (style on right but in the print on left), $209:

Rittenhouse paramount vintage swimsuit, $165:

Rittenhouse ink love swim shorts, $140:

Rittenhouse clouds vintage swimsuit, $165:

Bodkin twister suit, $240:

Mociun triangle bikini top ($120) and string bottoms ($120):

Mociun triangle one-piece, $240:

And more from Filippa K!

Filippa K linen tee dress in mud, $149:

Leather dark brown briefcase, $325:

Dina cork sandals (ours are more a pinkish tan), 225:

Blair flat sandal, $249:

Leather laptop bag, $299:

Leather holdall in vintage brown, $325: