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Erin Templeton bags are here!

Just arrived from Vancouver, some amazing new leather bags from Erin Templeton.  I don’t usually like to use the word supple (doesn’t it have kind of a creepy sound to it??) but that’s just what they are, along with classic and super well-made. 

We have the purse tote in whiskey (shown) and black:


 A medium black and small whiskey tote:


 The flat tote in whiskey (oh never mind, just sold this one!) and bone (shown):


 And the TCB tote in whiskey (oops, sold this one too!):


Dunderdon arrivals

We have some more new items from Dunderdon, a workwear brand from Gothenburg, Sweden known for its simple, timeless designs.  

The Fanny linen tunic (shown here in lavender, but we have it in black) is so comfy and versatile:


And the Franziska cotton chambray jumpsuit is perfect for this season of onesies:


New dresses

Just in time for 20+ degree weather in Toronto this weekend! A couple of new arrivals:

Dace Martin dress

Dace Martin dress, big plaid

Mociun tie-front dress, black and white argan cloth, organic cotton

Mociun tie-front dress, black and white argan cloth (organic cotton)

Join us on the internets!

We’re so high tech and modern that we got ourselves a Facebook page! Become a fan and you’ll get insider info on sales, events and new arrivals. Click here and we think our Facebook page will appear. Don’t get too excited, it might not.
Also new on the interweb, Fashion Weekly wrote a very nice article about us! Read it on their blog.
See you in cyberspace!

Shopping & shenanigans

Thanks to all you guys who stopped by our open house last night!  We might be feeling that box of wine today, but it was definitely worth it to see so many old friends and meet a bunch of new ones.  And we sold our first item to a boy (some Alternative Apparel stuff is unisex, it’s true!), so I guess we’re not just a women’s shop anymore.

inside 1


inside 2

And we’re open…

We worked right up until the last moment and our debit/credit machine didn’t arrive in time, but we opened anyways. We had a great first day thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and shop! Here are some photos of the store from Saturday.


the freshly painted exterior


from the back


jewelry displays


more good stuff

Happy Easter!

Good Friday

It seems like we really will be opening tomorrow, with or without a debit/credit machine (fingers crossed that the courier comes with that tomorrow morning!). We uncovered the windows today and put mannequins in the windows and now it looks like a real store!


Ok, back to supervising my parents as they paint the outside…

Opening Party!

We’ve told a few people already, so I guess it’s official enough to post here… We’re opening this Saturday! We’ll take a few days to work out the kinks (and hunt for Easter eggs) and then see you all at the shop for our Open House next Wednesday.


A few more

We’re getting so close, you guys! Will update soon with an official opening date, but it should be sometime this weekend… Until then, some more clothing photos to tide you over.



Species by the Thousands

Species by the Thousands

Sunshine & Shadow*

Sunshine & Shadow*

*Just a sample of colours and prints – pieces we have may be slightly different!

Fox in Mociun

Fox in Mociun

Built by Wendy

Built by Wendy

Just a taste…

of what’s to come!



Built by Wendy

Built by Wendy

Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation



Steven Alan

Steven Alan