Potato Printing Party!

Anabela has done a way better blog post about this than I could ever do, but I can’t resist sharing it here too… check out the awesome potato print sale signs she made for us yesterday (with a little help from Julie)! Our/her inspiration was this tutorial by one of our favourite designers, Caitlin Mociun. It took all day but was totally worth it if you ask me.  Don’t they just make you want to come in here and spend all your money??

Getting started

Getting started

Almost done (the first one)

Almost done (the first one)

Umm now how do we hang them??

Umm now how do we hang them??

Five hours later!

Five hours later!

All photos by Anabela.


2 responses to “Potato Printing Party!

  1. Oh! What a great way to use the tutorial. Sounds like a fun day and the sign looks great!

  2. Aww thanks Erica! It was fun for me, not so sure about Anabela… ha!

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