So ummm this has nothing to do with the shop, except that Robin and I both love ourselves some mojitos in the summer. So we asked our friend Sarah, muddler of the best mojitos around, if she wouldn’t mind sharing her recipe so you guys can enjoy them too! Keep a-scrollin’…


In a two liter pitcher muddle together:
a good big handful of mint leaves (washed and drained) (1 C)
1/2 C freshly squeezed lime juice…(veer far away from “real lime”)
1/3 C loosely packed brown sugar

Fill the pitcher half way with ice and pour over 1 1/2 C rum (we love Havana Club Riserva, an amber). Top with soda (about 4 C?) and stir well, from the bottom up, making sure the sugar is dissolved.

Delicious side notes:
*mojitos are best enjoyed on Mondays
*when muddling, try adding fresh raspberries or watermelon




2 responses to “Mmmmmojitos!

  1. Hell yea! I love mojitos. I’ve been wanting to try a blueberry mojito ever since I saw this photo:

  2. ooh, blueberry mojitos! summer ftw!
    erin – did i tell you that matt has NEVER had a mojito???

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