New lines for Fall!

This summer has been pretty meh so far, but we’re not that bothered because we are SO EXCITED for our Fall collections to start arriving! Not only are we expecting some amazing stuff from the designers we carried in Spring/Summer, but we’re adding a few new collections that you will love just as much, we promise. Here’s a little intro to the new kids on our block:


Hansel from Basel is an L.A.-based hosiery company founded by Hannah Byun. She designs unique, whimsical socks and tights that are as high-quality as they are fun to wear.


A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou joined forces with Jessica Ogden in 2002 to create Madras, a collection inspired by a trip to India. The pieces combine beautiful fabrics and prints with the timeless designs that A.P.C. is renowned for.


Bodkin is an NYC-based collection designed in accordance with principles of sustainability in materials and production methods. Designer Eviana Hartman creates classic yet forward-thinking pieces using organic cotton and wool and recycled fibers.


A small, directional footwear brand based in London, F-Troupe uses British historical and functional influences to develop original, innovative shoes.


2 responses to “New lines for Fall!

  1. Yay!! Oh Oh I cannot wait to see Madras, and F-troupe in person! Not to mention the others, oh my! Now I really need a job. 😛 I will be there in a few days!

  2. Oh wow, that’s awesome Erica! See you soon…

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