Wardrobes We Want: Jordan from Real Genius

So our newest employee, Caitlyn, recently started working down the street at Black Dog Video, and that’s got us thinking and talking a lot about film and TV characters with awesome clothes. Of course there are tons of obvious ones – Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, Jean Seberg as Patricia in Breathless, blah blah blah – but surely there are some others that we haven’t really thought about in that way before??

Perfect example time: Michelle Meyrink as Jordan Cochran in Real Genius! You’ve seen this one, right? It’s an ’80s college movie starring Val Kilmer as a genius-turned-delinquent, working on a top-secret laser while showing young nerds how to let loose… pretty amazing stuff.

I re-watched it recently and not only is it as good as I remembered, but there are also some great wardrobe moments, particularly for the lone female genius, Jordan. Think oversized men’s shirts and sweaters worn with slim jeans, overalls (sometimes tucked into socks, but we’ll ignore that part), cutoffs and Keds, and one particularly memorable long-sleeved wetsuit… I’m sure they were trying to make her seem dowdy and off-trend (for 1985), but it’s all working for me! And not just because I accidentally got the same haircut as her last week…

(Thanks for the screenshots, Caitlyn!)

There’s plenty more good outfits where these came from, so you should probably just do yourself a favour and watch the movie… you won’t regret it, I promise.

2 responses to “Wardrobes We Want: Jordan from Real Genius

  1. International Order of Forresters is the shirt Val wears with the Smokey bear inside a Red circle on a yellow T — he looks great front and back in that !
    I Heart Toxic waste is cute too
    (my god have you seen VK lately?) whoa !

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