Holiday news

Hey gang, getting excited for the holidays or what? We sure are – it’s all Christmas music and birch decorations (so hot right now!) up in here. And we have a couple of other things to let you know about as well:

1. We have awesome new gift certificates! You can get them in any amount you like, and they (obviously) make fantastic gifts.

2. We also have Holiday Wishlists! You pick out the items you like, and we’ll keep a list of them so your loved ones can buy them for you… easy-peasy, the way gift-giving should be. Come in and try some things on, or call or email and we will get your list going.

(Your lists will probably look like these – just substitute Built by Wendy or Steven Alan for Pokemon and Pepsi).

3. We’re going to be open on Mondays until the end of December! Come see us during the usual weekday hours, 12-7pm.

More updates and our own Robber wishlists to come (you know, in case you feel like treating your favourite shopkeepers to something special this year)…


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