Holiday gift ideas: Erin’s picks

Since our Holiday Wishlists are now in full effect, we thought we’d help you out with some ideas of things you might want to put on them… or I guess buy for someone else, since all of you guys are SUPER-NICE like that. Here’s what I’ve been eyeing lately:

1. This Rittenhouse embroidered sweatshirt. Only one left (in this colour combo, though the black is amazing too)! Please buy it and spare me the agony of staring at it all day long.

2. The A.P.C. Madras canvas and leather bag. I would take this on all my overnight trips… maybe it’s a little big for that, but so what? Packing light is for suckers.

3. Built by Wendy soft denim overalls. I am obsessed with these! Again, only one pair left, and you might have to rip them out of my hands.

4. Hansel from Basel silk rib over-the-knee socks. Oops, maybe I haven’t even posted these yet? They’re a new holiday arrival and we have them in black. I already have a pair of crew socks in this super-soft fabric and I feel like a rich person every time I wear them… who wouldn’t love to get that feeling for Christmas??

5. Henderson Dry Goods mirror pendant. So simple and elegant, PLUS you can use it to check your teeth for spinach, etc. in emergency situations.

And if you don’t like any of these (what is wrong with you??), check back for picks from Robin and Caitlyn very soon…


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