Queen of Hearts – Thurs. Feb. 11, 6-9pm

This Thursday!

After last year’s roaring success the Queen of Hearts Stroll is back! Valentine’s Day is nearly here and the shops along Queen West are heating things up… here’s how it works:

Visit one of our 15 participating shops (look for the attached poster in the window) and pick up the Queen of Hearts passport. Have a drink, get your passport stamped, and move on to the next boutique. Once your passport has 10 stamps, you can receive the special gifts or promotions offered by all of the shops (valid until Feb 28, 2010). Not bad for a night of festive fun!

The Queen of Hearts Boutiques are:
Greenshag, Cabaret, Simon Carter, Cat Tilt, Preloved, Tealish, The Spice Trader, Olive Pit, Ziliotto, Carte Blanche, Charlie, Robber, Heel Boy, Neat, and Type.

At Robber, your reward for taking part in the Queen of Hearts is a pretty sweet one: spend $150 or more, get $50 off, until the end of February!

Hope to see you Thursday night!


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