Wardrobes We Want: The Brothers Bloom

Umm so this post series hasn’t really taken off (I guess it’s hard to top Jordan from Real Genius?), but then someone on Twitter recommended The Brothers Bloom and I couldn’t not post about it. The movie itself is meh-to-decent, about a pair of con men (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) who take one last job swindling beautiful, weirdo millionaire Penelope (Rachel Weisz) with the help of their near-mute Japanese sidekick Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi). Obviously the dudes provide a fair amount of eye candy on their own, but holy geez, the CLOTHES!

Penelope sticks mostly to the classics: perfect black ankle boots, timeless trenches and capes, swingy dresses, etc.

But then Bang Bang steals every scene with an accessories situation that is pretty hard to beat. She carts all this stuff around the world for these con jobs?? I’ll trade my disbelief for those sunglasses, I guess.

Hmm, I guess these aren’t exactly inspirational outfits for Spring, are they? Good thing it’s FASHION and we’re all supposed to be thinking a season ahead… add these images to your Fall mood boards, everyone!

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