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You know how we’re usually closed on Mondays? Well, not this week!! We’ll be open this Monday, December 27 from 12-5pm for those of you who couldn’t get off the couch today (no judgement). We’ve got lots of great stuff at 25-50% off!

GOOD DEALS!!!!!!!!!


I’ve never actually Boxing Day shopped myself, but I hear it’s a pretty big deal… so we’re making it worth your while with an EXTRA 20% OFF everything in the store! That means things already on sale (and there will be LOTS MORE of them by Sunday) will be up to 70% off, and regular-priced stuff will be 20% off. You should probably get here early – we open at 10am!!!

Holiday Wishlists: Caitlyn’s picks

Here I am, rounding off the Robber holiday wishlists! And I have to say, I think mine is pretty good. Maybe even the best… if you’re out there shopping for me, that is.

Wood Wood Lis Dress, $180. This dress is so soft, and seems like it would be a great staple for years to come:

I’m pretty lucky that I’m actually getting this shirt for Christmas from my family, it’s just so wonderful! Steven Alan Reverse seam shirt, $185:

Even though we’re pretty close to the dead of winter, I still have my heart and eye set on the Hooded short parka by Rittenhouse (in army), $285:

This tempts me every time I’m working at Robber. It’s so beautiful, soft, perfect, perfectperfectperfect. Steven Alan gathered cashmere sweater, on sale for $250!

And to tie it all together! Karen Walker skinny hip belt in rust, $75 :

Thanks Santa!

Holiday Hours

A few changes over the next couple of weeks…

Christmas Eve: 11am-4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 10am-8pm (BIG SALE!)
New Year’s Eve: 12-6pm
New Year’s Day: Closed

Still lots of great gifts in stock, plus gift certificates, wishlists, the whole bit… see you soon!

Holiday Wishlists: Robin’s picks

I’m getting a lot of grief about my 2-item Christmas list this year, so thought I’d follow Erin’s lead and put my wishlist on the blog (this one’s for you, Mom)!

Rittenhouse Ink Polka Dot Silk Minidress. The pattern is super cute and the shape is perfect for Christmas dinner!

Filippa K Sequin Swing Top. I’m pretty sure I’m short enough to wear this as a dress.

Yarn Over Movement Elora Slouchy Toque. I need a new toque and this one seems pretty much perfect.

Wood Wood Leather Laptop Case and Leather Pencil Case. I just feel like I’d be better at my job if I owned these. You know?


It’s suddenly WINTER and we feel like if you brave the outdoors these days you should be rewarded, no? So here you go: tons and tons of great Fall/Winter items for both men and women are now 25% off! Umm I think that’s all you need to know… see you soon!!

Holiday wishlists: Erin’s picks

The holidays are almost heeeeeeeeeere! And just like last year we figured we’d give you some ideas for your wishlists by showing you our staff ones… hope whoever got my name in the family draw this year is paying attention!

Built by Wendy boiled wool anorak. So super-heavy and warm, and somehow, despite being an insane hoarder of coats, I don’t have a black one??

Henderson Dry Goods mirror studs. I’ve only recently started wearing earrings again and I think these are pretty much perfect.

APC Madras elasticated skirt. It took me an incredibly long time to realize those are BUNNIES and SQUIRRELS in that print! Don’t make the same mistake.

Lover velvet knot dress. A classic, and I usually don’t even like brown.

Yarn Over Movement Carlington scarf. You can’t go wrong with cream-coloured scarves and cowls, and this one is so long and soft and chunky and perfect.

Ok I guess I should save some things for the other girls’ lists… coming soon!!

New from Wood Wood

We’re super-excited to add Wood Wood to our roster for the holidays, a men’s, women’s, and accessories line from Denmark. Pretty sure you’ll love it as much as we do! Here’s what we have for now (with much more to come in Spring).

Dixon cardigan, $170:

Lis dress, $180:

Hannah blouse, $170:

Leather laptop case, $149 (we have brown and black):

Leather credit card sleeve, $30 (brown and black):

Leather pencil case, $39 (brown and black):

New from Steven Alan

More holiday greatness for your wishlists!

Varsity sweater, $295:

Tatiana dress, $280:

Reverse seam shirt, $185

Minnie cashmere sweater, $335:

Gathered shirt, $185:

New from Species by the Thousands

Gifts gifts gifts! Lots of good ideas showing up these days – here are a few that just arrived.

Yoga sweatshirt, $85:

Crystal face sweatshirt, $85:

Monocle necklaces, $55:

McCarren rings, $175:

Wolf ring, $110 (ours is rose gold):