Holiday wishlists: Erin’s picks

The holidays are almost heeeeeeeeeere! And just like last year we figured we’d give you some ideas for your wishlists by showing you our staff ones… hope whoever got my name in the family draw this year is paying attention!

Built by Wendy boiled wool anorak. So super-heavy and warm, and somehow, despite being an insane hoarder of coats, I don’t have a black one??

Henderson Dry Goods mirror studs. I’ve only recently started wearing earrings again and I think these are pretty much perfect.

APC Madras elasticated skirt. It took me an incredibly long time to realize those are BUNNIES and SQUIRRELS in that print! Don’t make the same mistake.

Lover velvet knot dress. A classic, and I usually don’t even like brown.

Yarn Over Movement Carlington scarf. You can’t go wrong with cream-coloured scarves and cowls, and this one is so long and soft and chunky and perfect.

Ok I guess I should save some things for the other girls’ lists… coming soon!!


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