Holiday Wishlists: Caitlyn’s picks

Here I am, rounding off the Robber holiday wishlists! And I have to say, I think mine is pretty good. Maybe even the best… if you’re out there shopping for me, that is.

Wood Wood Lis Dress, $180. This dress is so soft, and seems like it would be a great staple for years to come:

I’m pretty lucky that I’m actually getting this shirt for Christmas from my family, it’s just so wonderful! Steven Alan Reverse seam shirt, $185:

Even though we’re pretty close to the dead of winter, I still have my heart and eye set on the Hooded short parka by Rittenhouse (in army), $285:

This tempts me every time I’m working at Robber. It’s so beautiful, soft, perfect, perfectperfectperfect. Steven Alan gathered cashmere sweater, on sale for $250!

And to tie it all together! Karen Walker skinny hip belt in rust, $75 :

Thanks Santa!


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