Queen of Hearts shop crawl

This is TOMORROW! We’re open 12-7pm, and if you fill your shop passport (see instructions below) you can come back and get $50 off any Robber purchase over $150! It’s a pretty amazing deal considering most things are already on sale… scroll down for more details and to see all the other great stores involved.

Here is how it works:

1. Get a passport from any of the participating stores (see list below).

2. On Saturday, February 12th between 11am and 6pm, stroll along West Queen West. Visit the stores you love and the new ones that you might start a love affair with that have the ‘Queen of Hearts’ poster in the window. The stores will welcome you with a fun refreshment + a stamp for your passport.

3. Once the passport is stamped with 9 of the participating stores, you become eligible for all of deals that are offered from all 31 participating Queen of Hearts stores until the end of the month (and believe us, they are GOOD deals – half price, 2 for 1, and more).

4. Finally, come to Trinity Bellwoods Park and sign our giant ‘heart in the park’ – leave some lipstick kisses, declare your love, or ask someone to Marry You. It’s a giant public love note – and it’s free.

The Queen of Hearts Boutiques are:

Heel Boy, Doc’s Leathers & Motorcycle Gear, Dog’s Bollocks, Magpie Designs, Elle Hardware, Robber, Timmie, Doggie Outfitters Inc., Lady Mosquito, The Knit Cafe, Nearly Naked Lingerie, QSQ Giclee boutique, Woolfitt’s Art Enterprises Inc., Sunny Mummy Spa with childcare, Greatt Stuff, Preloved, Ten Thousand Villages, Murray’s Sandwich Emporium, Sant Urbano Spa, Thieves, Champagne & Cupcakes, Niche Coffee & Tea Company Inc., Labl Stylelab, Ziliotto, Simon Carter, Tealish, Cabaret, Green Shag, Cloud Espresso Bar, Charlie Boutique, Organic Boutique, Adfactor Inc.

Pick up your passport at the first store you visit. It’s worth hundreds of dollars in savings and giveaways, and it’s a fun way to spend your Saturday.
See you this Saturday, February 12th!


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