What We Saw On Our Field Trip

I probably should have just titled this post “I’m a Terrible Blogger” but let’s not dwell on it.

It’s hard to believe it was a month ago (seriously, I’m the slowest blogger in the world!) that we were in Hamilton, having delicious custard tarts and lots of laughs with our pals at Field Trip! But then, this happened…

… and here we are, a month later!

We had so much fun sharing a space with Victoire, Preloved, YarnOverMovement and Fieldguided and we owe a huge thanks to White Elephant for being such great hostesses!I mean, how great is it to spend a weekend in an amazing space, surrounded by beautiful things and the best people? It was so nice to see old friends and meet so many people who share my interest in FOOD! Do I need to mention that I’m still thinking about deep dish pizza?

Tara-Lynn and Anabela took beautiful photos and so many internet friends wrote nice pieces, including the girls from Bohemia magazine. Maybe you’re getting tired of reading about our Hamilton lovefest, but I’m not! I wish every weekend could be a field trip!

Thanks so much Katie & Regine and Hollie & Jane for organizing everything! Can’t wait for the next one!

Photos courtesy of Victoire, Fieldguided and YarnOverMovement. Good work, guys!



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