New from Bodkin and Mociun

Sad news, guys: two of our favourite lines are making some changes after this season… Bodkin will be taking a hiatus as of Spring/Summer 2012, and Mociun will no longer be making apparel (just jewelry & accessories). AAAAAAAAH!! But in good news, both of them are going out on a super-high note – check out these new Fall pieces and get in here soon to snag some soon-to-be-collector’s items!

Bodkin Alpha dress, $385 (we have this in wintergreen as shown and faded black):

Bodkin Alpha blouse, $275 (we have this in wintergreen) and Radius skirt, $395:

Bodkin Caos sweater, $425:

Mociun wrap dress in triangle dot print, $265:

Mociun jersey long-sleeve dress in stairs print, $265:

Mociun wrap skirt in stairs print, $245:

Mociun drop shoulder blouse in triangle dot print, $210:

We also have Mociun ties in the triangle dot print for $110, plus one other Bodkin top that is very hard to describe… come see!!


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