Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Rittenhouse and Good Night, Day!

Rittenhouse striped knit circle top, $255:

Rittenhouse striped knit circle dress, $299:

Good Night, Day Simcoe braided headband (we have this in cream and black too), $65:

Good Night, Day Lambton cowl (we have this in slate grey too), $85:

Good Night, Day dip dyed Meaford cowl (we got this in black too), $95:

Good Night, Day Welland dip dyed sweater, $135:

Good Night, Day Welland sweater, $135:

New Steven Alan!

Cindy top, $255:

Cameron dress, $430:

Agnes dress, $315:

New from Filippa K!

Women’s Penny peacoat in dark navy, $499:

Men’s Wool Raglan pullover in grey melange, $225:

Men’s Paul twill check in midnight (ours is dark blue), $179:

Men’s washed lambswool cardigan in antler melange (ours is more of a dark grey with dark brown elbow patches), $225:

Men’s washed lambswool v-neck in alpine green (with elbow patches!), $189:

New Built by Wendy!

Built by Wendy dot sheer layer blouse, $235:

Boucle overcoat, $495:

Geometric cardigan, $285:

Paint stripe boatneck dress, $325:

New from Iacoli & McAllister

Necklace No. 3 in nude, pink, and brass, $70

Necklace No. 4 in black and brass, $65

Necklace No. 5 in tomato and brass, $64

New from Philip Sparks

Microcheck cotton shirtdress, $495

Pleated wool skirt, $315

Men’s button-down triple-ply cotton shirt, $235 (we also have a women’s version, $230)

New from Lover & Minimarket

New knits and hats and boots for Fall!

Lover cable knit sweater, $365:

Lover cable knit dress, $399:

Minimarket sweater Mama, $180:

Minimarket dress Tin, $195:

Minimarket sweater Ylva, $255:

Minimarket hat Ursula, $140:

Minimarket lace-up wedge boots, $445:


Hey friends, this weekend we’re giving thanks for YOU with a 3-day sale: from today through Sunday all brand new Fall/Winter merchandise is 15% off! Come get some new pants for your turkey dinner, or maybe a cranberry sauce-free shirt? (No judgment.)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Oh and we’ll be closed Monday Oct. 10th – we need turkey too!
xo Robber.

New from Samantha Pleet

Like her fellow Brooklynite label Bodkin, Samantha Pleet has developed a penchant for style names that wouldn’t be out of place in a fantasy RPG. But while Bodkin favours a more sci-fi flavour (Alpha dress, Caos sweater, Element top), Samantha Pleet conjures a witchier brand of sartorial sorcery. These spellbinding new pieces are perfect for the female magick-users in your party.

Celestial Blouse, $325
Cropped 100% cotton top with embroidered star sigils. Prevents Sleep and Blind status, absorbs Dark damage.

Crusade Blouse, $249
Cropped 100% silk top in gold. Casts Protect and Shell spells on user, +1 Agility, boosts Courage.

Shadow cloak, $625
100% charcoal wool with poly/cotton lining. The ultimate in protection against inclement weather and/or the dark arts. Halves all elemental damage, absorbs Dark damage, causes Goth status to user.

For extra stat boosts, wear Samantha Pleet garments while listening to Austra, Zola Jesus, or Tasseomancy.

New from APC Madras

Embroidered top, $220:

Silk dress, $299:

Multi plaid shirt, $155 (we also have a dress in this fabric, $175):

Art deco dress, $299: