Holiday Wishlists: Casie’s picks

As Robber’s newest employee, I’m honoured to kick off our annual Holiday Wishlists. Enough with pleasantries though, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are things I have been drooling over in my first two weeks at Robber.
(Listen up and take notes, Mom.)

Steven Alan Agnes Dress, $315.
If you’ve even spoken to me briefly in the past two weeks, you’ll know that I. Love. This. Dress. Period. The perfect mix of Librarian and Sally Draper:

Samantha Pleet Celestial Blouse, $325.
Have you guys heard of Kepler 22-b: Earth 2.0? No? Me either really, I just saw it on someone’s Facebook. But it’s supposed existence makes my love for this cropped top totally relevant, right?

Minimarket Ursula Hat, $140.
I manage to find a reason to try this hat on every shift.

Hansel from Basel Scandinavia Crew Socks, $25
Instead of the twenty packs of crazy maroon coloured dog printed socks I always get in my stocking, how about something like these that I will actually leave the house wearing.

I hope someone actually forwards this list to my mom. Really. Someone do it.


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