Holiday Wishlists: Saelan’s Picks

Hey guys, it’s time for the second installment of our Holiday Wishlists series! As Robber’s token male employee, it’s my job to highlight our most giftable menswear. Now that the temperature’s dropping, Christmas is the perfect time to fill a fella’s closet with warm, wintry fabrics. Check it out:

Filippa K Samuel chinos, $199 (shown in brown, but we have them in navy)

If you ask me, menswear is all about the details: fabric, fit, and function. These trousers nail it on all three counts. They’ve got a perfect narrow-leg slim fit and they’re constructed out of a heavy, double-twill cotton that’s super warm and velvety soft, so they’re perfect for colder months. You can also dress them up with a blazer or just wear them like a pair of jeans. They might be the only pants a guy needs.

Brooklyn Tailors standard shirt in olive brushed twill, $175

So, everything I said about those pants? It goes double for this shirt. You really have to feel it to understand how nice the brushed twill feels: it’s got more body than flannel, but it’s just as soft. It would pair fantastically with those Filippa K trousers. Really, you should buy me both. I mean, buy both…for whoever you’re buying for.

Brooklyn Tailors standard shirt in chambray, $175

Did I mention that these shirts have a perfect slim cut? Some people might tell you that there’s such a thing as having too many blue shirts. You know what? They’re wrong.

Filippa K mountain parka, $470 (down from $625, and ours is green)

Okay, so this is a bit pricey for gift-giving, but it’s on sale! We’re talking about the last word in winter outerwear right here. It’s got a shearling inner layer, plus a poly-fill quilted lining, hand-warmer pockets, and the hood unbuttons into a wind-defying funnel. Give your man the gift of not having to join the Canada Goose masses.

Filippa K wallet, $75

Small leather goods are the quintessential manly gift (second to ties, anyway). Get this for your Dad as a subtle thanks for all the money he’s spent on you over the years.

Speaking of ties, we have one with a cool, black-and-white geometric print from Mociun. It’s $75.

Next up…more picks from Caitlyn and Erin!


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