Holiday Wishlists: Erin’s Picks

Just under the wire, but don’t worry guys – you still have 2 days to buy me these things! You’ll have to buy them FROM me, which could be a little awkward, but we’ll get through it.

Dace Tempest dress, $299. We haven’t even shown you this little gem yet, have we? It’s NEW and almost makes me wish I had more holiday parties to attend. Almost.

Bodkin Caos sweater, $320. I will never ever get tired of giant sweaters!

OLO Dark Wave, $45. I’ve been coasting on a tiny sample of this stuff for a while now but it won’t last much longer. Smells like antique stores my dad used to take me to when I was little – hated it then, love it now.

Erin Templeton gunny sack, $365. For when I want a slightly FANCIER backpack than my Shabd X BAGGU one.

Minimarket lace-up wedge boots, $335. You know when your friend buys something and then you really wish you had thought of it first? I’m looking at you, Christine.


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