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New Species by the Thousands!

Lucky for you, we have new (and some re-stocked) jewellery in the shop just in time for Valentines Day- hint hint. Come in and see for yourselves!

Species by the Thousands Pentagon Glass Locket, $70. (also in teardrop)

Species by the Thousands Nail Head Stud Earrings, $35.

For the Boys

Boys, this week we’re thinking of you (you’re welcome). This time of the year us girls get spoiled. It’s your turn! Go ahead and treat yourself to these sale items, and remember that Valentines Day is right around the corner, and yes, that Gabriela Artigas ring would look very nice on us.

From the Beatles to Jack Nicholson to Robert Redford there is no denying that all boys look good in a peacoat. While we would apologize for the out of date references, they only go to show how timeless this style of jacket is. Make like your favourite crazed innkeeper and get one.
Filippa K Long Peacoat in Dark Navy, $499 $375 $325 $250.

We can’t promise that we won’t steal this sweatshirt from you. Sorry.
Rittenhouse Deluxe Track Raglan Sweatshirt in Grey Marle, $140 $105.

Oh, and these shoes. If our feet were the same size you would have a problem. Alas, we’ll just have to lust after them underneath the dinner table.
Osborn Men’s Oxfords in Brown Leather, $199 $99.

This belt is the perfect forest green, and looks great on and off (wink) (also, just kidding). On another note, we’ll admit that Apartamento is a selfish suggestion, as we can’t promise that it won’t ‘accidentally’ end up on our nightstand in a week.
Filippa K Men’s Elastic Belt in Trooper, $69.
Apartamento, $26.

Snow, Shovels and Sales!

So we may have been a little bit optimistic last week with all the ‘heat wave’ talk. It was a blizzard out there this morning (dramatic) and if you’re anything like the rest of us, you spent an hour rummaging through the back of your closet for mittens and scarves, and fashioning avant-garde shawls out of old comforters. Here are some sale items to keep you cosy and cute while you’re shovelling your way out of the house this week!

Doesn’t snowfall make you want to wrap yourself up in blankets with hot cocoa and watch episodes of Friday Night Lights? For those unlucky enough to have to leave their couches in this weather, this Poncho is pretty much the closest you can get to carrying around a blanket all day- unless your name is Linus.
Filippa K Chunky Wool Poncho in Sand Melange, $275 $210 $175.
Karen Walker Bow Belt in Orange, $99.

This button down is the perfect addition to a blistering day. White, crisp and has the most adorable pin dots that look like it’s been freshly dusted with flakes of snow- without all the shivering.
Built by Wendy Dot Sheer Layer Blouse, $235 $175.

Whether you’re walking to school –four miles, in the snow, uphill, both ways– or just two feet to your car, boots are a MUST. Keep your little toes toasty in these lace up wood bottomed boots.
F-Troupe Wood Bottom Boots in Chocolate, $245, $125.

Distractions always help when walking in the cold, which is why we suggest this SHINY two finger twig ring. Sure to keep your frostbitten fingers looking lovely!
Species by the Thousand Two Finger Twig Ring, $175 $120

Outfits for Sale!

It’s a dreary January, and this weather is playing us hot and cold (literally).
To help you get dressed while mother nature goes bipolar, we put together some outfit ideas that we’ll be showing you in the upcoming weeks. And because we’re really nice, most of the items are on sale!
Here we go:

Okay guys, this outfit is the perfect visual representation of the all-over-the-place January temperatures we are experiencing. A wool/linen twill skirt to keep you cosy when it gets shivery, and a crop top to let it breathe when the sun comes out and it goes all Arizona desert in here (well, almost).

Philip Sparks Black Wool/Linen Twill Skirt, $315 $230 $160.
Samantha Pleet Crusade Blouse in Gold, $249 $185.

Tights are still a necessity, we haven’t escaped that just yet. But these tights come with an added bonus. The little cutouts will let your legs breathe, and the creamy colour makes up for all the snow we’ve been missing. (You guys do miss it, right?) Also, how cute is this little wallet?

Hansel from Basel Curtain Tights in White, $45 $30.
Me and Arrow Wallet, $80

Okay, this necklace isn’t actually on sale on sale, but I am too obsessed with it not to include some detailed photos. It’s actually a locket, so you can put pressed flowers in it and carry around your disdain for gross winter all day!

Species by the Thousands Glass Locket, $70.

January hours

Good work everyone – we all made it to 2012! This is just a little note to say we will be CLOSED MONDAYS for the next month or two, while we ride out whatever winter ends up happening. But we’d love to see your beautiful faces any of the other 6 days of the week! And there is still so much on SALE, you wouldn’t even believe it.

Happiest New Year!