Outfits for Sale!

It’s a dreary January, and this weather is playing us hot and cold (literally).
To help you get dressed while mother nature goes bipolar, we put together some outfit ideas that we’ll be showing you in the upcoming weeks. And because we’re really nice, most of the items are on sale!
Here we go:

Okay guys, this outfit is the perfect visual representation of the all-over-the-place January temperatures we are experiencing. A wool/linen twill skirt to keep you cosy when it gets shivery, and a crop top to let it breathe when the sun comes out and it goes all Arizona desert in here (well, almost).

Philip Sparks Black Wool/Linen Twill Skirt, $315 $230 $160.
Samantha Pleet Crusade Blouse in Gold, $249 $185.

Tights are still a necessity, we haven’t escaped that just yet. But these tights come with an added bonus. The little cutouts will let your legs breathe, and the creamy colour makes up for all the snow we’ve been missing. (You guys do miss it, right?) Also, how cute is this little wallet?

Hansel from Basel Curtain Tights in White, $45 $30.
Me and Arrow Wallet, $80

Okay, this necklace isn’t actually on sale on sale, but I am too obsessed with it not to include some detailed photos. It’s actually a locket, so you can put pressed flowers in it and carry around your disdain for gross winter all day!

Species by the Thousands Glass Locket, $70.


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