For the Boys

Boys, this week we’re thinking of you (you’re welcome). This time of the year us girls get spoiled. It’s your turn! Go ahead and treat yourself to these sale items, and remember that Valentines Day is right around the corner, and yes, that Gabriela Artigas ring would look very nice on us.

From the Beatles to Jack Nicholson to Robert Redford there is no denying that all boys look good in a peacoat. While we would apologize for the out of date references, they only go to show how timeless this style of jacket is. Make like your favourite crazed innkeeper and get one.
Filippa K Long Peacoat in Dark Navy, $499 $375 $325 $250.

We can’t promise that we won’t steal this sweatshirt from you. Sorry.
Rittenhouse Deluxe Track Raglan Sweatshirt in Grey Marle, $140 $105.

Oh, and these shoes. If our feet were the same size you would have a problem. Alas, we’ll just have to lust after them underneath the dinner table.
Osborn Men’s Oxfords in Brown Leather, $199 $99.

This belt is the perfect forest green, and looks great on and off (wink) (also, just kidding). On another note, we’ll admit that Apartamento is a selfish suggestion, as we can’t promise that it won’t ‘accidentally’ end up on our nightstand in a week.
Filippa K Men’s Elastic Belt in Trooper, $69.
Apartamento, $26.


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