Love is in the Air (and it’s on sale)

It’s coming, whether you (or we) like it, or not. And while it may seem easier to just set your alarm to 12am February 15th and sleep through the entire wretched holiday, we here at Robber think you should just suck it up. Embrace a day full of Hallmark, doilies and cupcakes. Let go of the painful memory of your grade school crush ‘forgetting’ to put a card in your cubby, and look cute in these outfits:

This Pinafore makes us want to pull out some construction paper, glitter and hodge podge, and overdose on candy hearts.
Rittenhouse Pinafore Dress, $198 $99.
Built By Wendy Dot Sheer Layer Blouse, $235 $175.

Don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve? Wear it on your pants.
(Insert obvious joke here.)
Wood Wood Sadie Pants in Light Wine, $175 $135 $115.
APC MADRAS Silk Top in golden Beige, $220 $165 $140
Karen Walker Skinny Hip Belt, $89.

For the girl who has endured papercuts and glitter-stained fingertips since New Years, patiently awaiting her favourite day of the year.
Lover Fable Dress, $375 $280 $245.
Karen Walker Bow Belt in Orange, $99.

I would go on a date with this guy. Just saying!
Rittenhouse Alphie Button Down, $195 $150 $125.
Filippa K Samuel Heavy Cotton Chinos in Dark Navy, $199 $150 $125.


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