New stuff deluge: Filippa K, Steven Alan, Wood Wood!

We’re having the equivalent of a snowmelt flood in here, and we’re suddenly up to our necks in new spring merchandise!

Steven Alan:

Classic collared shirt (white), $185

Shirt dress, navy/white dot, $225

Wood Wood:

Puente shirt, $210

Covina dress, $170

Adrien top, $120

Bay pants, $210

Filippa K:

Washed silk pocket top, $179

French stripe dress, $149

Silk mix pullover, $199

Warm-up sweater, $249 (our is beige)

And for the menfolk…

Wood Wood:

Bloomington jacket, $295

Harrison longsleeve, $125

Filippa K:

Taped pocket tee, $119

Cotton/nylon cardigan in aubergine, $249

Leather holdall, $425

And that’s it for now…but there’s more coming soon!

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