New from Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor is new to the store. Founded in 2009, it’s all handmade in Montreal by Elizabeth Hudson. With a graphic sensibility and a mystic touch, Hudson weaves a restrained palette of shadowy black, midnight blue, and bone white into a minimalist meditation on natural balance. She plays with contrast in textures as well, blending loose-weave linen and cotton with sinuous silk and tencel. Roomy geometric  shapes mix casual wearability with artful refinement, and details like kimono sleeves, twisted straps, and tie-off shirttails suggest an origami-like creativity with forms that respects the simplicity of the essential design and the integrity of the materials. In other words, these clothes are beautiful! We think you’ll love them.

Hana dress, tencel, $220 (shown with Vega blazer, which we do not have)

Minna dress, printed silk & tencel, $198

Mari tank, printed silk & linen-cotton blend, $142

Eshe blouse, 100% linen, $184

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