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An Early Spring Sale!

In this week’s outfit post, we’re taking a cue from Groundhog Day (unfortunately not the 1993 Bill Murray film of the same name, in which case we could have just posted a repeat of last week’s photos). As rodents’ heads pop out of their burrows all over the North America, we are reminded that while spring is within reach (gasp), we still have a few more weeks of this non-winter-winter to look forward to. Might as well look nice AND save money while we ride the cold out.

I would gladly trade Punxsutawney Phil a few more weeks of below zero temperatures for this outfit. Made of jersey wool, this skirt has got what it takes to keep your gams warm while we wait for winter to wither away.

Filippa K Jersey Wool Long Skirt in Dark Grey Melange, $199, $150, $125.

If you’re anything like me, groundhog day- which wags the elusive spring like a carrot in front of our stuffy noses- makes me want to bust out my florals and neons prematurely. Why wait? Be both bright and weather appropriate in this adorable cropped sweater.

Minimarket Ylva Sweater in Pink, $255, $190, $165.

We still may have a few weeks of winter ahead according to Wiarton Willie, but why not take advantage of the lack of snow in these gorgeous wedge boots by Minimarket?

Minimarket Lace-Up Wedge Boots, $445, $225.

This bag is perfect for that odd between season transition we’re sure to find ourselves in during the upcoming weeks. The perfect wool texture to remind you of winter days behind us, but a great pattern for spring!

Me and Arrow Arrow Satchel in Purple Wooly, $155.

These ornaments might be left over from the holidays, but I can’t help but think of how lovely they would be decorating all of the plants that I plan to grow (and keep alive hopefully?) this spring.

Henderson Dry Goods Feather Ornaments, $7, $4.