It’s here: MHL by Margaret Howell

Excitement has been building for a while, so we’re happy to say that one of our most anticipated shipments for Spring is finally here. British designer Margaret Howell has become an icon of simplicity with clothes that are the opposite of fast fashion: nothing too trendy, just high-quality fabrics, easy colours, and classic shapes. Hers is the serious-yet-casual charm of the person who doesn’t fuss about their clothes but has natural grace — a sophisticated person who appreciates rigour, restrain, and practicality. Think of an absent-minded professor who’s always wrapped up in her work: a little rumpled, maybe, but effortlessly elegant. That’s Margaret Howell.

Her menswear is equally timeless. It’s a little bit workwear-ish, with lots of sturdy fabrics and deep, handsome colours — indigo blazers and shirts, bold yellow rain macs and nautical stripes — but there’s something refined and bookish about it, too, with roomy, comfortable cuts that transition easily from foul weather to library lounging. As her motto says, “Inspired by function and utility.”


Loose t-shirt, printed stripe, $89
(we have two colorways)

Single pocket poplin shirt in citrine, $175

Cotton gym dress in brick, $230

Naval top in ecru, $155 (we also have it in blue)

Cropped sweatshirt bold stripe in brick/ecru, $165

Reverse stitch cardigan in brown marl wool, $219

And for men:

Naval tee, $89

Sweatshirt in bold stripe, navy/flax, $225

Slim work shirt in indigo, $189

Staff jacket in indigo twill, $525

Contrast face anorak in yellow, PU-coated cotton, $595 (we also have it in navy)


2 responses to “It’s here: MHL by Margaret Howell

  1. GAH! this shit’s terrific.

  2. MHL in Toronto? Fantastic news!

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