Crazy from the heat

The humidex is 45 degrees today, so we understand that the idea of more clothes is perhaps not uppermost in the minds of our valued customers. That said, our sale includes some fantastic deals on summer clothes — and, let’s face it, summertime or not, most situations still require you to be dressed. With that in mind, check out some of our picks for the next best thing to not wearing anything:

Wood Wood Reform top, $109 (was $145)

Shabd Tangerine silk tank, $225 (was $299)

Rittenhouse Vintage swimsuit in navy or deep red, $125 (was $165)

Steven Alan Erin shorts, $90 (were $175)

Filippa K Rita cotton shorts in deep coral, $119 (were $159)

Minimarket Isis Shorts, $130 (were $175), pictured with Minimarket Seth sandals, $185 (were $245)

Shabd Unisex tank in sherbert, $85 (was $109)

Samantha Pleet Fable blouse, $180 (was $279)

Karen Walker short playsuit, $215 (was $425)

And for the mens…
Dana Lee Leno Weave work shirt in eucalyptus or tabasco (pictured), $150 (was $199)

Wood Wood Paradiski shirt, $149 (was $195)

Filippa K taped pocket tee, $89 (was $119)

Rittenhouse Ink Love swim shorts, $70 (were $140)

Shabd unisex Slushie tee, $85 (was $115)


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