Fall Times – Volume 04

BOOM – the most beautiful fall day ever. I had that arranged, no problem guys.
As you can see (on the blog, Facebook page, or IRL) we’ve got a bunch of new fall stuff! I highly recommend you come see it all for yourself! What to expect: to be BLOWN away by the barely-there silks, cozy wool sweaters and coats, the most comfortable chinos and stretchy denim, and more! You can also probably expect to find me in the change room having a try-on party (unless you’re Erin or Robin reading in which case I’m joking and working really hard at any given moment).

So, with this, we have Fall Times Volume 04!
Now I know some pieces I’m posting are from the previous months/seasons, but consider it just a fresh little reminder that we have great things that will get you from A to B (re: season to season!). I’ll showcase some of our newer stuff as we get deeper into fall!


Bodkin Caos Sweater, $425, $225

Filippa K Super Stretch Denim, ours are in “Grass”, $229

Metsa Cement Pearl Earrings (ours are darker!), $60

So simple yet sooo perfect.


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