Holiday Wishlist: Taylor’s Picks

I’ll start off Robber’s annual Holiday Wishlist FIRST because I would like to give my friends/fam plenty of time to decide who is going to get me what (jkjkjkjk).  We’ll be posting weekly Gift Guides and our Holiday Wishlists to help inspire you to become your ultimate gift-giving self.

First up, is the best Shetland Basic Crew Redwood jumper by MHL, $245 $185. How cozy is this sweater? So cozy. Sometimes I try it on and dream one day (ie: Dec 25) that I’ll never have to take it off….
Sometimes when our sweaters are folded, it’s easy to overlook them! But really, they would make the best gift! Who doesn’t want a woolen hug for the holidays?

And is there any better feeling than layering a beautiful silk blouse under a wool sweater? No. So please welcome the Samantha Pleet Silk Trench blouse in Black, $369 $280. (Also the answer is actually YES, there IS a better feeling and that’s making someone’s Christmas dreams/wishlist come true…)
Samantha Pleet balances sophistication (black, silk, a beautiful drape) with unexpected details, such as “cape-like-panels” that make this blouse truly unique and lovely.

I’m not a super fancy lady, but this delicate, long Laura Lombardi necklace would add just enough femininity to my daily boyish ensembles. Or yours. But hopefully mine. Lunette necklace, $70.

Remember last winter? Or lack-there-of? Forget it. This year is going to hit, and hit HARD (obviously I know this because of my strong ties with the Farmer’s Almanac Weather..people). Thirty minute bike commute to work every morning/night? Ten bajillion puppy pee breaks/walks in a day? I can’t fake it anymore you guys, I need a parka. Filippa K’s Fay Parka, $539, $405 fits the bill. It’s black, slim, and functional. It’s made for a Canadian winter without screaming “HEY I’M A PARKA!!”. It’s more like “Hey buddy, you look chilly! Why don’t you throw me on and we’ll go grab coffee, my treat!”

I will conclude with the ultimate stocking stuffer! Apartamento’s Issue #10 (fifth anniversary edition). Reading through this in my new super cozy MHL sweater, drinking (all of the) eggnog, eating (all of the) shortbread cookies.. can’t you picture it? But why picture it when you can make it happen..
(Apartamento is a gift sure to please those nearest and dearest to you – we also have Issues #4, 5, 8, and 9!)

Happy holidays to you and yours!


3 responses to “Holiday Wishlist: Taylor’s Picks

  1. awesome post!

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