Gift Guide #4


Gave you guys another sneak peek at this Gift Guide yesterday on Instagram (follow us! @robberstore.. or check us out here). Hope you weren’t losing SLEEP wondering “Ooooh who makes that, how much is it? I just need the Gift Guide to know!” Wait no more:

Erin Templeton Small Leather Tote in black recycled leather, $265. Like a best friend, this bag should/will always be by your side.
Species by the Thousands “House” Ring in Brass, $85. Give this to someone with “home is wherever I’m with you” in the card BOOM genius.
Species by the Thousands Solar earrings, $99. Now in this card write “baby, you’re out of this world”. Don’t actually do that.
OLO Leisure Nomad perfume oil, $45. Made with fire tree essential oil, this fragrance embodies freedom with smells of the coast, woods, and flowers, it will fit any mood you’re in.
Apartamento Issue #10, $26. I know I’m pushing this “holiday reading” thing but that’s because of the FACT that there is no better time to curl up into a ball and read and drink boozy drinks and cookies all. day. long.
Good Night, Day Simcoe Braided Headband in black, $60. It’s like a cashmere/merino wool hug for your ears.
Falconwright Wallet, $46. This is a fun wallet. Look at how the black print contrasts against the tomato orange leather? Perfection.


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