Dress Up: Holiday Outfits!

Alright guys, we’re already almost TWO WEEKS into December! AHHH!!
With the holidays approaching (already here?), you’re hopefully/maybe/probably already planning some holiday outfits. Well if you’re not, we ARE!
We will be posting ideas every few days, so keep checking back.

Dress Up Holiday Outfit #1:
Who’s this fancy lady? This is YOU. You’re just effortlessly walking out the door to yet ANOTHER holiday party, where you will garner countless compliments on your super simple/comfortable/so well put-together outfit. Did we mention you also smell GREAT? You smell so great. Is that lemon/rose/jasmine/sandalwood? You don’t even have time to answer the question because someone else has pulled you away to “OMG” at your dress.


How to change it up:
DAYTIME: Opaque tights, throw a pretty silk blouse underneath, wear with flats and a cardigan!
NIGHTTIME: Slightly sheer tights, little booties or heels, lipstick!

Cursive Design Tiny Monument Necklace, Crystal, $95.
Steven Alan Maggie Dress, $365.
Gabriela Artigas 14K Rosegold Faceted Hexagon Ring, $110.
OLO Nationale 6/7 Perfume Oil, $45.


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