Holiday Wishlist: Anabela’s Picks

Leave it to Anabela of Fieldguided to have the dreamiest Holiday Wishlist ever!

Anabela’s “Winter Goth” essentials holiday wishlist!

Karen Walker Frills and Spills dress, $349.
I like to think of this dress as “the one a bunch of my friends fought over to wear to my wedding (whether they knew it or not).” The lucky winner was Kristin, who looked amazing in it in her super-tall heels! Perfect party dress.

Samantha Pleet Shadow Cloak, $625, $315
I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone into the store to try this one and stare at myself in it in the mirror (and maybe spin around in it a little bit. Maybe). I should just get it already.

Rittenhouse Backwards Silk Blouse, $329, $245
I can’t even bring myself to try this on because I know I’ll fall in love with it and buy it and then I’ll IMMEDIATELY spill a cup of coffee down the front of it and get sriracha sauce on the sleeve at the elbow. Unrequited love forever with this blouse.

Rachel Cameron 2013 Zodiac Poster, $40.
This would look amazing on any number of walls in my apartment.

Good Night Day Elora checked toque, $60; Falconwright clutch, $56; Species by the Thousands Moonphase earrings in brass, $99.
All the most adorable accessories for my head, ears, and crook of arm!

Erin’s list here!
Sam’s list here!
Taylor’s list here!


3 responses to “Holiday Wishlist: Anabela’s Picks

  1. Yes! Winter goth vibes always.

  2. oh, you have to buy the cape! it’s not even that expensive any more:)

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