Holiday Wishlists: Robin’s picks

Yesterday, I got the biggest poinsettia ever at work – like, EVER – and I thought maybe it was from a secret admirer. It wasn’t. I was disappointed for a minute but then I realized I still had time to let you know what I really want! So, Secret Admirer(s), this one’s for you!

Let’s not play games. You can show me how much you care by showing up at my place with this MHL toggle overcoat – it’s classic and super cozy (like our relationship?). Maybe put two tickets to somewhere in New England in the pocket?

MHL Toggle Overcoat, $675 $510

Two tickets to Vermont and this Steven Alan Cashmere Striped Sweater –  you really get me! Cause that’s where you’re from – oh, and your whole family will be there.  Um, ok. But there will be mulled wine, right?

Steven Alan Cashmere Striped Sweater, $275 $209

Oh, we’re going out for dinner? To the country club? With your parents? No problem, I didn’t need any advance notice because I’m already wearing that Filippa K Tailored Dress you bought me for Christmas. It’s fine. I said it’s fine.

Filippa K Tailored Dress, $269

Chocolates say “I love you”, OLO Cedar and Rose Perfume says “I’m sorry”? I told you I’m fine. Look, I’m not sure this is working out, but I’m going to keep the perfume, ok?

OLO Cedar and Rose, $45

This tiny box is FOR ME? Aren’t we moving a LITTLE FAST? I mean, that whole thing with your parents… well, let’s not talk about it. Just open it? Well.. ok… I guess…. Oh, Species by the Thousands Rock Stud Earrings! THANKYOUILOVETHEM!!!

Species by the Thousands Rock Stud Earrings, $99

That wasn’t so hard, was it? I’ve laid it all out for you, so no more poinsettas! Oh, Secret Admirer(s), I do look forward to our holiday journey together.


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