Who’s That Girl? Kim vs. Rachel

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Each week, check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

photo (1)

It’s so weird that Kim’s family keeps asking her why she’s single because hello, as if she even cares about society’s notion of what a woman should or shouldn’t be. Do you really think someone who mixes prints so boldly and with such abandon is concerned about conforming to our western culture’s patriarchal view of romance? Kim isn’t trying to have it all, she’s just trying to get by with a little bit of dignity, a few less split ends and a lot of style. So pass the gravy and mind your own business Aunt Louise!

Show your family who’s Kim in this Olga blouse by Minimarket ($255), Karen Walker shirred waist skirt ($249 $189), and Cursive Design color theory necklace ($70).

Spirit Animal: Post-divorce Zooey Deschanel
Power Song: At 17 by Janice Ian

photo (2)

Look at this cozy bitch! You know when your Grandma forces you to wear a”nice” dress cause it’s the holidays but you don’t even really like Christmas so you try and find something comfortable AND appropriate but it’s all so itchy and wool and hot and you’re like, GET ME OUT OF HERE! But then you remember that silky something in your closet and then you see your favourite sweater peeking out of a drawer and pow! next thing you know you’re sliding across the wood floors in your socks with your sisters, belly full of treats like it was 1999. That’s just how Rachel always rolls!

Rip off Rachel’s easy steeze with this Dunderdon lambswool striped sweater ($189 $145), Karen Walker frills & spills dress ($399 $299), and Maude & Colette sterling silver love knot necklace ($99).

Spirit Animal: The thickest wool socks
Power Song: Sweater Song by Weezer

Who won you over this week, Kim or Rachel? Scroll down for the poll!

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2 responses to “Who’s That Girl? Kim vs. Rachel

  1. Brie-eileigh Charette

    Whoa Amil! Kim-style is covetous and would make me look all “it’s Xmas and I’m in charge!” I would look like I could boss Rachel around all Xmas eve.

  2. Ha ha Brie, I know you’d be bossing Rachel around mixed prints or not.

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