Who’s That Girl? Brenda vs. Kelly

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Each week, check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!


Remember in the O.G. 90210 prom episode when Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh both wore the same terrible black and white dress to the dance?! Was it not just like, THE MOST? Personally I didn’t really buy that cause could they be more different? You are either a Kelly OR a Brenda you cannot be both. I know you’re not even trying to think about dressing up for another party now that it’s January and winter is so annoyingly here, but the world goes on my friend, there are birthdays and dinners and dates to think about. So be a Brenda in this open back kimono dress by Wren ($349) and Cursive Design compass necklace ($65). Because you know Brenda is like, “Oh the prom is black-and-white themed and I’m the only one in neon green? My bad!” Plus, she is for sure going to Paris after prom to forget about Dylan so don’t even bother asking her about her summer plans.

Spirit animal: Charmed-era Shannon Doherty when she was slightly less insane
Power Song: Color Me Badd’s I wanna Sex You Up 


Can’t you just see Kelly showing up to prom in this super-tight velvet dress being all, “Oops sorry Brenda did you have a crush on Dylan? If you had just told me I wouldn’t have asked him to prom!” Yeah right, Kelly. That was a harsh move but I can’t even hate on that sweetheart neckline (Lover Equinox dress, $365 $150) and the double-choker (Maude & Colette 1/5 dip necklace, $75 and brass love knot, $110). And even though Steve Sanders is already telling everyone you guys frenched under the bleachers and Dylan can’t stop staring at Brenda’s crazy green dress, you’ve been crowned Prom Queen again so at least your tears will be tinged with tiara.

Spirit animal: Newly healthy and happy Jennie Garth who is so over that Twilight guy already
Power Song: It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

So who won you over this week, Brenda or Kelly? Scroll down for the poll!



One response to “Who’s That Girl? Brenda vs. Kelly

  1. this is the toughest decision yet.

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