Dressing for Winter

One day it’s 1 degree Celsius, the next it’s -10, repeat. Are you guys bored of wearing pants yet? I am (jk I am extremely loyal to my pants) but sometimes you gotta branch out! We’ve got lots of pretty little dresses that will keep you looking tip top but also warm! It’s true, dresses can be WARM! If done right. For example:

The Steven Alan Dominga Dress in Navy/Charcoal stripe, $325, $165! It’s a wool blend so it’ll keep you nice and cozy.


Yikes, you might see this and say “Sleeveless! You’re nuts” but I disagree, I am brilliant. Throw the Rittenhouse Backwards Silk Blouse in Nude, $329, $215 underneath for a super sweet look. Just imagine that little collar poking out, how perfect?


Are you still cold you big baby? Steven Alan is back to save the day. The Azteca Cardigan, $289, $145 will do the job.


And obviously TIGHTS!


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