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I just don’t even know where to begin with this freaking weather. The sky is literally pouring slush you guys. I just. I can’t.
HOWEVER hope is on the rise because it’s VACATION SEASON! This post is for all you lucky ducks who might be taking two weeks off of work to run away to California and never come back (jk E+R I’m coming back).
Things to remember while packing for your trip, wherever it may be!
1. Versatility. Pack things that you can mix and match, and wear day to night. This one is just obvious.
2. Luggage weight allowance. Don’t be the girl at the airport unloading her freaking bag in the middle of a corridor because she packed too much stuff. Not smooth. Light, silky pieces will make packing a breeze, save you room and weight (to bring back all your sea shells or whatever).
3. Fabric. Omg girl, you open up your luggage and to your horror that little shirt you were going to wear clubbin’ tonight looks like your grandmas FACE. Wrinkles/creases. I don’t even feel bad for you because you did this on your last trip too.

Below are some outfits that we’ve put together that fit the Spring Break traveling bill (see above). They’re fun, light, pieces that don’t wrinkle easily! (Believe me I do the steaming).

If I were to see a girl wearing this outfit I’d be like “Wow, she is so fun and carefree I want to go talk to her” and then ten minutes later you two will be up driving upstate to hang out with her babe friend Patrick who’s playing a show in the desert. Or something.
Steven Alan Angie Skirt, $239, $120
Wood Wood Jemima Top, $175
Cursive Design necklace, $65


This. This outfit. So comfortable, so easy breezy. So Cali-forn-i-a.
Wood Wood Reform Top, $145, $75
Iacoli & McAllister Necklace, $70
Rittenhouse Silk Skirt, $385, $190


How perfectly sweet is this? “Oh I’m just a friendly little tourist taking myself to lunch by the beach.” Yeah I KNOW it’s a long sleeve blouse but hello it’s super sheer and does that whole day-to-night thing real nice.
Dace Luna Blouse, $189, $99
Karen Walker Shirred Waist Skirt, $249, $125

Orrrr maybe you’re spending your Spring Break in Ontario (lololol).

Bodkin Caos Sweater, $425, $225
Steven Alan Sweater Sweatpants, $210, $105

NEW Steven Alan and MHL!

Steven Alan Bianca Dress in Radish, $275

Steven Alan Billy Sweater in Oatmeal, $275.

Steven Alan Classic Shirtdress in Dark Navy , $245

Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt in Muted Coral Plaid , $189.

Steven Alan Seaside Slicker, ours is in Light Brown, $425.

MHL Dungaree Dress in Indigo Twill, $405.

MHL Matelot Striped Shirt in Shell/Green, $155.

MHL Peak Back Trousers, ours are in Navy/Ecru stripes, $275.

Who’s That Girl? Zoe vs. Maya

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Each week, check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

Solange Knowles is in town but obviously you already knew that because you are womyn of the wyrld and all your bookmarked blogs are about who’s doing what and when and where!

So in honour of this most beautiful pattern-clasher and super songstress, this week’s mannequeens are like, whoomp there it is!

photo (8)

Don’t you love the name Zoe? For a really long time I pronounced it Zo and I kind of like it better that way but I’ve come to appreciate the longer version with the dangling eeeeee’s at the end too. In my mind every Zoe looks like Lisa Bonet and is so laissez-whatever about life but not in a burnout kind of way, in a hakuna matata kind of way and when she wears a dress over pants it’s not Commercial Drive hippie it’s avant exotic beauty. JK I hate the word exotic to describe a human being. We’re not in a  petting zoo, am I right? Anyway, none of us can actually be Lisa Bonet because I have seen her in real life and she literally floats in a cloud of patchouli-scented Nirvana, BUT we can some of us be Zoe in this Minimarket Ebone dress ($325) and Filippa K stretch jeans ($229, $115). Seriously, dress over pants, it’s here, it’s freer, get used to it.

Spirit animal: Duh, Lisa Bonet
Power song: You Can Get It If You Really Want by Jimmy Cliff

photo (7)

Truth talk, layering is harder than it looks. Yeah, best-case scenario you just took two or more amazing things and turned them into a rainbow of rad but worst-case scenario you look like a pile of clown-school costumes that were abandoned after the clown school foreclosed because the economy, stupid! It’s a razor thin line between do and don’t is what I’m trying to say, so you should approach with more zen and less zest. Like Maya here. Sure she could have just worn this Wren cut-out dress ($359) on its own and killed it but one last lazy peruse of her closet and she’s like yup, popping this Wood Wood Jemima top ($175) on and grabbing my baby and going. Yeah, that’s right Maya has a baby. AND she still finds time to mix patterns like a pro. If her name wasn’t so chill you might want to hate her but she also keeps amazing candy in her purse so forget it, be her best friend instead.

Spirit animal: Solange obviously
Power song: Bad Girls by Solange

So who won you over this week, Zoe or Maya? Scroll down for the poll!

photo (6)

SHOE SALE!!!!!!!!

We are having a SHOE SALE! Starting today, every pair of shoes, men’s and women’s, are marked down to ONLY $50!! This is a GREAT deal you guys, sizes are limited so HURRY!
Shoes/boots from Filippa K, F-Troupe, Osborn and Minimarket! $50!


NEW Minimarket, Wren, and Wood Wood!

Two sure signs that spring is on it’s way – rain, and SPRING CLOTHES!! We’ve got two whole racks of new spring stock from Minimarket, Wren and Wood Wood! Such pretty prints/colours from Minimarket and Wren, and the go-to everyday comfort pieces that you’ve come to expect from Wood Wood!

Minimarket Ebone Dress in Black, $199.

Minimarket Ebone Dress in Himalaya Print, $325.

Minimarket Ines Dress in Brilliant Black, $325.

Minimarket Issa Dress in Cobalt, $155.

Minimarket Suffix Blouse in Mineral Print, $210.

Wren Cut-Out Dress in Red, $359.

Wood Wood Jemima Top in Beads Print, $175.

Wood Wood Lis Dress, $215.

Wood Wood Mala Top, $165.

Wood Wood Suede Printed Tote, $245.

Family Day Hours

Just a little note to let you know that tomorrow is FAMILY DAY which means we will have shortened hours! Open 12-5, back to normal hours on Tuesday! Call your parents!!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

You still have a couple days to pick up a little somethin’ somethin’ for your special someone. No shame in casually sending your loved one this link, ladies.

Show her she’s out of this world with Strathcona’s Stockings in Space Echo, $36.

Set the mood with MCMC’s Love candle, with scents of yuzu citrus, French sweet basil, magnolia layered over deep woods and gunpowder. Whoa. $50.

Show her how fancy she is with a Geometric Rose Gold Ring from Gabriela Artigas, each $110.

Give her three times the love with Maude and Colette’s stackable silver bands, $130 for the set.

She will forget you not if you give her the silver Love Knot necklace by Maude and Colette, $99.

Tell her you’re over the moon for her with Species by the Thousands Moon Phase silver earrings, $135.

Queen of Hearts

This year for Queen of Hearts, Robber is offering 15% off anything/everything! But WAIT! How does this work?
Pick up your Queen of Hearts card at Robber (or many other retailers along Queen St W.), collect 10 different stamps from participating retailers, and use the card to redeem a special deal at any of the shops listed on the card until the end of February! This is a ONE DAY ONLY event – however, you have a few weeks to redeem your deal!

Picture 8Where: West Queen West
When: February 9th, 2013
Why: to score a sweet deal!

MCMC Fragrance Restock!

Today is DRAB but we DO have good news! A new shipment of MCMC fragrances just arrived! Hunter, Kept, Love and Phoenix roll-on body oils are available once again. We also received a few Hunter and Love candles! Come get yours before they’re all gone (again).


Men’s Sale Picks!

Happy Wednesday! We’ve been so busy with our BIG SALE that we’ve been neglecting the blog a little – if you don’t already know, all of our menswear is on CLEARANCE, up to 80% off! Come get it before it’s gone for GOOD! Here’s are some of our top picks from the men’s sale to help you get through the rest of winter:


MHL Hooded Jacket in Navy, was $655, now $300.
Filippa K Paul Twill Check Button Down, was $179, now $75.
Dana Lee Cavalry Twill Trouser in Midnight, was $229, now $75.
Filippa K Desert Boots, was $275, now $100.
MHL Shetland Mitts, were $55 , now $30.

(Ladies, we’ve got you covered too. Lots of great pieces suitable for all seasons, up to 70% off!)