I just don’t even know where to begin with this freaking weather. The sky is literally pouring slush you guys. I just. I can’t.
HOWEVER hope is on the rise because it’s VACATION SEASON! This post is for all you lucky ducks who might be taking two weeks off of work to run away to California and never come back (jk E+R I’m coming back).
Things to remember while packing for your trip, wherever it may be!
1. Versatility. Pack things that you can mix and match, and wear day to night. This one is just obvious.
2. Luggage weight allowance. Don’t be the girl at the airport unloading her freaking bag in the middle of a corridor because she packed too much stuff. Not smooth. Light, silky pieces will make packing a breeze, save you room and weight (to bring back all your sea shells or whatever).
3. Fabric. Omg girl, you open up your luggage and to your horror that little shirt you were going to wear clubbin’ tonight looks like your grandmas FACE. Wrinkles/creases. I don’t even feel bad for you because you did this on your last trip too.

Below are some outfits that we’ve put together that fit the Spring Break traveling bill (see above). They’re fun, light, pieces that don’t wrinkle easily! (Believe me I do the steaming).

If I were to see a girl wearing this outfit I’d be like “Wow, she is so fun and carefree I want to go talk to her” and then ten minutes later you two will be up driving upstate to hang out with her babe friend Patrick who’s playing a show in the desert. Or something.
Steven Alan Angie Skirt, $239, $120
Wood Wood Jemima Top, $175
Cursive Design necklace, $65


This. This outfit. So comfortable, so easy breezy. So Cali-forn-i-a.
Wood Wood Reform Top, $145, $75
Iacoli & McAllister Necklace, $70
Rittenhouse Silk Skirt, $385, $190


How perfectly sweet is this? “Oh I’m just a friendly little tourist taking myself to lunch by the beach.” Yeah I KNOW it’s a long sleeve blouse but hello it’s super sheer and does that whole day-to-night thing real nice.
Dace Luna Blouse, $189, $99
Karen Walker Shirred Waist Skirt, $249, $125

Orrrr maybe you’re spending your Spring Break in Ontario (lololol).

Bodkin Caos Sweater, $425, $225
Steven Alan Sweater Sweatpants, $210, $105


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