Who’s That Girl? Signa vs. Cece

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

photo (9)

Flicka, du ser bra ut! Feel me? That means, “Girl you look good!” in Swedish you plebes. Signa knows what I’m talking about. I mean, gimme a break do you see how she makes those fuzzy shorts (BASE range loose shorts, $125) look so cool? They literally look like a combination pillow case/pair of boxer shorts I had to make in grade seven sewing once. But on this leggy slug. Ugh, it’s like oh are you in one of those black and white fashion magazines that pretends to not be a fashion magazine but is still about blatant consumerism? Well it’s working! What colour is that Steven Alan Billy sweater ($275)? Oatmeal? Blush? I love you. I mean love it. I love IT. GOTTA GO, SIGNA.

Spirit Animal: The bleached bones of a white-tailed deer
Power Song: The howling wind as it disappears into the black, black darkness

photo (10)

Aren’t you so cosmopolitan, Cece! What an interesting name, is it short for something? JK who cares! Why am I giving you such a hard time? I don’t even know. I love how effortless your deal is, in that Wood Wood Adrien top ($110) and Gladys skirt ($230). Stripes and flowers? Uhh okay sure, is your middle name Jean Seberg for crying out loud?! Ha ha just kidding again. Yeesh I dunno I think you’re making me nervous with how calm and clean you look. I kind of regret wearing this sweatshirt now. Do you feel like if we were both wines you’d be a sparkling gewurztraminer and I’d be a jug of Carlo Rossi? Hahahhahaha JUST KIDDING CECE, I have to go.

Spirit animal: All the white linens at Bed, Bath and Beyond
Power song: Laisse tomber les filles by France Gall

So who won you over this week, Signa or Cece? Scroll down for the poll!

photo (11)


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