The Never-Ending Winter

Spring weather is supposed to be here but it’s just not. Not yet, anyway. However, lots of Spring 2013 goodies have arrived from Filippa K, Steven Alan, Wood Wood, BASE range, Karen Walker and Samantha Pleet so it’s feeling like spring in here! Plus we’ve had Seapony on repeat and it’s kind of helping? Anyway, have you guys experienced the stress that is waiting to buy a spring top because it’s still -1C? But you also don’t want to not buy it because early bird gets the worm etc? Sometimes you just need a little imagination and a lot of layering to get you through the first few weeks of “spring”.

Below we’ve put the Steven Alan Billy sweater, $275, over the Steven Alan Georgette dress, $339, (and an Iacoli & McAllister No. 3-09 necklace for good measure, $70). It’s still a little too cold for each of these pieces to be worn on their own but once you layer them up it’s like some kind of transitional spring magic. Throw on knee socks, tights or Strathcona Stockings ($36 each) and a jacket and you’re good to go.

Here are a couple other pieces that will help you get through this never-ending winter…

The Wood Wood Kori Skirt ($235) is long and thick and cozy and doubles as a WIND BLOCKER for your legs! It can look really sweet with a striped t-shirt but also kind of BA topped with a leather jacket so be who ya wanna be, girl.

Lets give Karen Walker some love. Look at this. It’s called the “Snazzy Sweater” in blue marle and it’s $189 and can’t you just imagine your best friend wearing it as she reaches out to give you the best/biggest hug ever, as if to say “It’s going to be okay, winter will leave us soon” and then you’re transported to a place with baby blue skies and patios and grass that is actually alive.


And this – Filippa K encompasses spring in this merino wool striped top for $179 (our colours are the same but reversed).  Slap this on with Steven Alan’s James pants, $275, and you are kicking this non-spring spring’s butt.

fk merino stripe sweaterjames-pant

Don’t worry guys we will get through this together! (With the help of Wood Wood, Karen Walker, Filippa K, Steven Alan etc).


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