Taylor’s Spring Picks: Prints edition

Ok I’m about to get all crazy up in here. On a day to day basis I usually wear all black. I don’t even know why. I love colour, I love prints. But I’m so the “does this come in black?” girl and I’m SICK OF IT. So I’m going to consider this post some kind of visual inspiration diary to help guide me away from the dark side and LIGHTEN UP a little.

Ilana Kohn Penny Romper in Kissing Whites, $355.

Ilana Kohn Eibel Dress in Tic Tac Toe print, $345.

Creatures of Comfort Malia top in Orchid, $259.

Creatures of Comfort Hemmingway Dress in Nude, $399.

(We don’t have any of these pieces in black ps)


2 responses to “Taylor’s Spring Picks: Prints edition

  1. great job!!

  2. great job Taylor, you come by the, does it come in black, naturally!!

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