Who’s That Girl? Gloria vs. Eva

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!



You know how you can just tell someone has curly hair by their name? Like, if your eyes were closed when you were first introduced to someone and for some weird reason you decided to keep them closed for a little bit too long while they said their name and you just knew before you opened your eyes again that they definitely for sure had curly hair? And now that your eyes ARE open you can see for yourself that this ringleted babe seems super fun too and you love the way she kept her bathing suit (Minnow Bathers Cosmic Pyramid, $150) on all day and just threw a skirt (Sessun India skirt, $210) over it to come to this weird party you’re both at. She seems like the kind of awesome person who has a mickey of Fireball in their purse which is way smaller than your purse because the only other things in there are lip balm and one house key. Too bad you guys will never be BFF’s because for some crazy reason you kept your eyes closed the whole time she was introducing herself you freak.



Anytime it starts to get a bit warm, fashion magazines start talking about “transitional” clothing. As if anyone is actually so busy that they have to keep a pair of gross 80s kitten heels in their purse so that they can take their office look directly to the night club by removing their blazer and adding a statement necklace. Ha ha. Unless you’re Paula Poundstone and you are already late for your weekly stand-up gig at the Comedy Hut then I think you probably have time to go home and change first. HOWEVER, if the transition they were really talking about was like, weird design job to swimming pool then okay, sign me up. Obviously Eva here is already making that cinq a sept segue every day. Just super chill, wearing her bathing suit as if it were a tank top (BASE Range one-piece, $135 and Dace Chip skirt, $225) and never breaking a sweat until Bill from sales is like, “Everyone’s kicking off early today cause we closed the Werner account.” And before Bill can even ask her if she wants to join him and a couple other guys for a drink, Eva is like, “Later.”

So who won you over this week, Gloria or Eva? Scroll down for the poll!



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