Who’s That Girl? Sandra vs. Sabrina

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!


photo (13)

It’s okay to be a grown-up, you know. Like, yeah I get it, being young is awesome and fun and you can pull off pretty much anything clothes-wise (even though you’re too young and stupid to realize it) and hangovers are just a kind of annoying thing that you bounce back from in an hour. Good for you. But you’re also very hard to be around when you start quoting the first philosophy book you ever read or start talking about Monsanto like you’re the only person who ever ate a genetically modified baby carrot before. Shut up already, I only have two days off a week and I want to spend them drinking white wine spritzers in my underwear, not listening to you figure out your political stance on craft beers. I’m A GROWN-UP OKAY? And so is Sandra, which means she likes to be comfortably and appropriately-attired. Is she going to work in this outfit? Maybe. I mean she could but she probably prefers to wear pants to the office because LORD KNOWS IT GETS COLD IN THERE. Nah, she’s probably just walking around super chill on a Sunday, drinking the most expensive iced coffee she can buy cause she’s got a disposable income and she works hard for her money AND because sisters are doing it for themselves. She doesn’t wait in line for brunch because she makes her own eggs at home like a normal person because why is anyone paying $12 for scrambled eggs she says to herself as she breezes into a Sunday afternoon matinee like an adult who does whatever they damn well please. (Wood Wood Colinne dress, $399, Samantha Pleet Mirage tank, $219, Cursive Design squaredancer necklace, $260)


photo (12)

I really like it when people figure it out, have a look and just commit to it. Is slightly Euro simplicity with quality accessories your thing? Cool. I mean, it’s not my thing, but frankly you’re wearing it very well and I’m glad to see that you don’t feel any pressure to change yourself based on today’s throwaway fashions. I might feel differently if you were being really smug about it but you’re not. You have a really pretty name and an accent that frankly, I don’t know, could be fake but like I said it’s part of your whole deal so yeah great, go ahead. I ain’t mad at ya. You’re the kind of lady who says all she ever uses on her face are sunscreen and lip balm and normally I would roll my eyes so hard at your flagrant and glaring lies but whatever, you wanna pretend you’re super low maintenance you go ahead. Look at how cute that little necklace is. Something tells me you never shared your pens or pencils in elementary school and that your homework assignments were ALWAYS stain-free. Okay well not me okay? I did my homework while eating but my penmanship was impeccable and I thank you for not judging. I can just tell by looking at you that we have incompatible astrological signs but I’m not phased because you are doing you and that’s all anyone should strive for in this world. (Rittenhouse mixed print baggy tank, $199, Rittenhouse skinny pants, $210, Cursive Design cube necklace, $90)

So who won you over this week, Sandra or Sabrina? Scroll down for the poll!

photo (14)


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