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~~ HEAT WAVE ~~ Summer Sale Picks!

Half the people who have walked into the store today have said something along the lines of “It’s too hot to even think” so GUESS WHAT we’ve done the thinking for you! Below are three outfits that will help both you and your wallet chill out in the merciless heat of a city summer.

Creatures of Comfort Natalie top in Grey Lafayette, $275, $205!
Minimarket Isis Shorts $165 (okay not technically part of the sale but can you blame a girl? They’re practically made to be worn with this shirt). I really didn’t want to take this outfit off once it was on…

… but if I did it would most likely just be because I was changing into this. Sessun Sugarloaf dress, $249, $185!

BASE range Red One Piece Swimsuit, $135, $100. A swimsuit that can double as top? INTO IT. Steven Alan Greer Shorts in Navy, $215 (okay sorry, another non-sale item but I’m sure you’re over it already because they’re 100% linen and made in the USA so, value). Rittenhouse Classic Striped Tank, $99, $75 (we have this in yellow stripes and pink stripes too). Is it even physically possible to go to the beach without stripes?

Whoa two birds with one stone! Or two scoops and one cone am I right?! Oh my god. Breeze into the room in this Wren V Neck Floral Silk Romper, ($340, $255) like it ain’t no thang even though it totally is a really great thing. Appropriate for a wedding, but something you can happily wear again! Honestly weirdly comfortable, too. You could eat and dance in this all night.

Also pictured, from bottom left to right: Minimarket Beach Bag, only $25!!!! Apartamento, good beach reading, $26. Our beach ball.