All the singles, ladies!

Let us introduce you to some quality singles that might be just what you’re looking for. We’ve only got ONE of each in the sizes listed – don’t let them be the one’s the got away…

Profile: Base Range Sweatshirt in Nude, Size S, $60. Can curl up and watch a movie like nothing else.
Likes: Chip salads, boxed wine, Sundays
Dislikes: Mondays, real salads

Profile: Minimarket Isis Shorts, Size 38, $99. Nothing says “I’m really fun” more than big purple flowers printed on your butt.
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Line ups at McDonald’s, last call, boring things.

Profile: Samantha Pleet Myth Dress in Symbology Print, Size 4, $245. You’ll be proud to bring this around your friends. Somethin’ special.
Likes: Weddings, astrology
Dislikes: Puddles

Profile: Steven Alan Georgette Dress in Sea Green, Size 2, $199. Treat it right and this number will take you through all the seasons, through thick and thin (I think I’m talking about layering but I don’t really know anymore).
Likes: Being dressed in 3 seconds
Dislikes: Fuss

Profile: Ilana Kohn Penny Romper in Kissing Whites, Size L, $189. True summer loving.
Likes: Beaches, sitting on blankets
Dislikes: Winter

Profile: Creatures of Comfort Sheala Dress in Orchid Lafayette, Size S, $225. The sweetest little thing you will ever meet.
Likes: Bakerbots, small things, cats
Dislikes: Nothing.


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