Who’s That Girl? Kim vs. Jenna

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

Yay it’s September and the leaves are changing colour and the air is so crisp and beautiful and everything feels like a European maxi pad commercial, am I right?! Psych it’s like 45 degrees out and I have to bring a backpack full of clothes to work just so I can navigate the wildly fluctuating changes in temperature throughout my godawful day. Let’s dress some mannequins!



There are two kinds of “back to school” people. You got Kim here, perfectly pressed and tucked button up that exhibits just enough flare through print mixing so as to appear fun and friendly but the stiffness of the shirt and skirt give away what a total narc she is. You get me? Kim has all the extra pens and one of those foldable keyboards for her tiny computer that she makes a big production of pulling out before each lecture like she invented impeccable note taking or something. Ugh, relax Kim you’re a journalism major, no one at the diner you work at in 4 years will care that your assignments were always in a day early. Like, okay we get it your parents bought you a dark blue Jetta for being valedictorian, big whoop. Nazis made that car. PS: can I borrow a pen, I forgot mine at home? (Steven Alan reverse seam shirt, $189, Wood Wood Gladys skirt, $229).



Then you have this guy over here. Yes, she’s always slightly late to class and yes she forgot her pen again and yes these are sweatpants but truth talk, her grades are always great, she’s got jokes for days and if you need to borrow a pen or 10 or feel like making way inappropriate remarks about the T.A.’s mysterious wet spot go sit beside her. Does she have a lot of parking tickets because she forgot to buy a pass and by the time she got to the admin office they were sold out? Sure, welcome to life. Did she already blow a chunk of her student loan on a bunch of weird, miscellaneous party-related expenses? YOLO. JK Livin’ as Jenna always says! If Ferris Bueller were reincarnated as a woman he would be Jenna. Case closed. Class dismissed. (Minimarket Blouse Suffix, $239, BASE Range sweatpants, $130, Cursive Design Squaredancer necklace, $260).

So who won you over this week, Kim or Jenna? Scroll down for the poll!



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