Who’s That Girl? Anna vs. Jamey

Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

My first real internship was just over 10 years ago when I was part of a “pit” of students doing weird things for a Canadian talk show host like cleaning up her dog’s poop and cutting donuts for the audience in half so that people felt compelled to eat less. I lasted a week. And I had a super bad attitude. Classic me. One of the other interns used to tell me stories about passing out drunk on her front lawn and the other intern lived in the Ivanhoe hotel. Yikes. What a wild ride! But in today’s economy (double yikes) interning is as close to having a real job as some of us might get and as such, there is way more pressure to have an awesome attitude and look work appropriate. This is a tale of two such interns.



Me personally I think Anna looks very clean. Is that a weird thing to say? Like, she never ever accidentally gets mustard all over her shirt because she has to sneak to the hot dog stand at lunch because her daily food budget is $10 after tax. She only eats very dry kale that isn’t going to splash dressing on her extremely white blouse when she’s trying to read an email from her friend when no one is looking and laughing while she eats cause it’s about her friend’s lame new boyfriend. Nope. Not this gal. She’s “in it 2 win it.” That’s a saying she says to herself in the morning sometimes. Quietly. She relishes internships (another kind of gross thing she says) because they are an excellent learning opportunity. That is a really good attitude that I’m jealous of obviously but tell the truth Anna do you wish sometimes that you could undo the top button on your blouse and then fart during a meeting and pretend it was one of the other interns? (Creatures of Comfort Fanny top, $375 and Pia skirt, $299).



Jamey looks fun. Like if she was the other intern in your “pit” you might be like, “Oh hey, Jamey wanna grab lunch?” And not even feel like she’d judge you for getting a hot dog. And probably even gossip with you about how some of the other interns (not naming names but rhymes with Banna) are kind of uptight and are totally brown-nosing so much, gross cut it out right? And Jamey would nod and be like, “Ha ha I know, you’re so funny.” But then on the other hand, Jamey might throw you under the bus and her fun demeanour is just a ruse for a calculating climber who doesn’t even whisper that she’s “in it 2 win it” she screams it at herself every night before bed. And she 100 % farted in that meeting and now you’re starting to think maybe she blamed it on you. It’s a dog eat hot dog world man. (Karen Walker bleeding rose tee, $110, Filippa K drapey pants, $225, and Maude & Colette necklace, $80).

So who won you over this week, Anna or Jamey? Scroll down for the poll!



One response to “Who’s That Girl? Anna vs. Jamey

  1. I like Anna because I know where she stands and she is transparent about her priorities. Quilted skirt! That seems comfy.

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