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Who’s That Girl? Rosemary vs. Mindy

Every week(ish) Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

Oh okay I know. I’ve been negligent. I’ve been Leaning In TM. But look at us, here we are, dressing mannequins, talking to each other, voting on outfits. Let’s go!


photo 2

Awwww cute! Isn’t it just so cozy to put a turtleneck under a sweater? It reminds me of the year 1992 (AD) when I was 10 years old and thought the height of sophisticated comfort was sticking a soft black tneck under my fave hybrid sweater/sweatshirt and then rolling to school like whoa. Rosemary gets that you can continue that kind of whimsical and comfortable dressage long into adulthood. Do I think Rosemary drinks tea? Yes. Do I think she owns at least one cat. Uh yeah, big time. Does she looooove Beyonce and always makes a big deal about it? Gross, probably. But! is she a really good friend who will always bring you soup when you’re sick? Ya man, you bet. Rosemary, you’re a pal and a confidante and if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew – you would see the biggest gift would not be from me but I love you anyway and thank you for being a friend. (Sessun B Boys sweater, $175, Filippa K soft jersey roller, $129, and wool flannel skirt, $219).


photo 1 (1)

Some people know that cozy comes in all different shapes and sizes – cozy is as cozy does! Sweaters are an obvious choice. Anyone can be a snuggle bug in a sweater duh. But challenge yourself! YOCO (You Only Cuddle Once). Mindy’s like, ‘Sweater? Please.’ She makes a silk shirt look as chill as a red Roots sweatsuit (TM) (Lean In). I think what I like best about Mindy is how even though she never spills anything on her clothes (like avocado or coffee or hot thai chilly soup or peanut sauce or chip crumbs just as totally random examples) she acts like someone who does. You know what I mean? She’s so fresh and so clean but if you’re all, “Minders do you have a Tide 2 Go?” She’s just, “Yeah obvi always, I’m a mess!” And even though you know she’s straight lying you appreciate the no-judgement zone she’s creating at your workplace. Word, Mindy. Word. (Sessun Lazy River 2 pants, $209, Samantha Pleet verdant blouse, $275, Cursive Design Squaredancer necklace, $260).

So who won you over this week, Rosemary or Mindy? Scroll down for the poll!

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Holiday Wishlist: Caitlyn’s Picks

It’s that time of year again when we start making lists and dreaming of getting giant mountains of presents from everyone we know! To kick off this years round of holiday wishlists, I have volunteered to go first so you can all save your money to buy these items for my stocking. =-)

Filippa K Lambswool structure pullover in berry melange. It’s so perfect! I used to hate pink and now I can’t get enough of it. $219:

Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords in Iguana Oasis. Girls gotta have some snazzy shoes! $299:

Wren Pintuck Dress in Navy/Emerald. This dress would maybe complete me, and make all my dreams come true? $379:

Wood Wood suede printed tote. I would use this to carry all sorts of things! On sale for $185:

Strathcona stockings. Would love to see these peeping out from my pants on especially dreary days. $36:

Introducing ALL x BAGGU!

We’re proud to be the only Canadian stockists of this collaboration between BAGGU and independent knitwear designer Annie Larson! Each item is available in two colour-ways – hats are $69, backpacks $55, duck bags $38. And they would all make pretttttty perfect gifts, if you’re starting to think about the holidays…







New Filippa K



Lots of great new Filippa K in the shop!CHUNKY SWEATERIvory Chunky Rib Pullover $ 275

COATEmerald May Coat $549

EMERALD DRESSEmerald Slim Jersey Dress $219

FLANNEL SKIRTWool Flannel Skirt $219

LUISA PANTMarine Luisa Pants $185

NET CARDIMohair Net Cardi (ours are BLACK) $265TWEED CARDIGANGrey Soft Tweed Long Cardi $299

WARM MITTENWarm Mittens (ours are BLACK) $135

ROLLOVERSoft Jersey Roller Neck $129

New Steven Alan Style

 New Classic shirtdress in green dots, $235

More Sessùn!

 Paolo coat in navy, $365

Marilia dress in eclipse, $199

Mayfair dress in deep teal, $209